Proposal to Host the 20th World Congress
of the International Federation of Automatic Control

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12 good reasons for choosing Toulouse, France:
• Celebrate the 60th IFAC anniversary in the country in which IFAC was founded
• Strong French scientific community in automatic control
• France is a leading NMO in IFAC
• Support and involvement of the IFAC Belgian NMO
• Toulouse: historic capital of automatic control in France
• Prestigious organizing research centers: LAAS-CNRS and ONERA
• Innovation and high-tech, European capital of aerospace
• University and cosmopolitan capital: among the oldest universities in Europe, with over 90,000 students
• City of hospitality, gastronomy, arts, culture and history
• World Congress at the heart of the city with easy access and accommodation
• Congress highlights: popularization events, historical events, industry days
• Strong industrial and institutional support