2nd TORRENTS Workshop


2nd workshop TORRENTS 2011

Time ORiented Reliable Embedded NeTworked Systems

Toulouse, France

December, 12, 2011

Workshop Overview

The group TORRENTS (Time ORiented Reliable Embedded NeTworked Systems) is a cluster that federates the activities related to time-oriented embedded systems carried out in research labs in Toulouse (France). It has been set up as a response to the RTRA STAE call for «chantiers».

For the second year, the workshop TORRENTS focuses on the executive aspects for embedded multicore platforms, from models to implementation. Four keynote speakers are invited to present their view on the design of safety critical applications and their recent results in the domain. The workshop ends with a discussion panel which aims at bringing together industrial, practitioners and researchers.

Workshop Program

Monday, December 12.

  1. -9:00am: Workshop Opening

  2. -9:15am: Christian Fidi (TTTech, Austria):
    Modular and Scalable Deterministic Ethernet Solutions

  3. -10:30am: Coffee break

  4. -11:00am: Madeleine Faugère,  Sylvain Girbal (Thales TRT, France):
    Challenge of multi-cores for Avionic Systems

  5. -12:15am: Lunch

  6. -1:45pm Stanley Bak (Urbana Champaign, IL, US):
                A Predictable Execution Model for COTS-based Real-Time Systems

  7. -3:00pm: Break

  8. -3:30pm Klaus Havelund (NASA/JPL Laboratory, US):
                Implementing Runtime Monitors

  9. -4:45pm... Open discussion

Attending the workshop:

The workshop is free and is an option in the OPODIS package.

If you wish to participate to the workshop only, please send a mail to


Sponsored by RTRA STAE —Space and Aeronautic Sciences & Technologies Foundation