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8th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2003)

Flexible Regulation of Distributed Coalitions

Xuhui Ao, Naftaly H. Minsky

Keywords : Distributed coalition, Security policy, Decentralized regulatory mechanism, Law-Governed Interaction, Policy hierarchy, Policy interoperability

Abstract : This paper considers a coalition C of enterprises {E1,..., En }, which is to be governed by a coalition policy Pc , and where each member-enterprise Ei has its own internal policy Pi that regulates its participation in the coalition. The main question addressed in this paper is how can these three policies be brought to bear, on a single transaction-given that the two internal policies Pi and Pj may be formulated independently of each other, and may be considered confidential by the respective enterprises. We provide an answer to this question via a concept of policy-hierarchy, introduced into a regulatory mechanism called Law-Governed Interaction (LGI).

(Pages 39-60)

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