Reference from ESORICS proceedings

Fourth European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 96)

Server-Supported Signatures

N. Asokan, G. Tsudik, M. Waidner

Keywords : digital sgnatures, non-repudiation, electronic commerce, network security, distributed systems, mobility

Abstract : Non-repudiation is one of the most important accurity services. In this paper we present a novel non-repudiation technique, called Server-Supported Signatures, S3. It is based on one-way hash functions and traditional digital signatures. One of its highlights is that for ordinary users the use of asymmetric cryptography is limited to signature uerification. S3 is efficient in terms of computational, communication ant storage costs. It also offers a degree of security comparable to existing techniques based on asymmetric cryptography.

(Pages 131-143)

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