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6th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2000)

Automating Data Independence

P. J. Broadfoot, G. Lowe, A. W. Roscoe

Keywords : security protocols, data independence, automatic verification, model checking, Casper, CSP, FDR

Abstract : In this paper, we generalize and fully automate the use of data independence techniques in the analysis of security protocols, developed in [Roscoe98, Roscoe&Broadfoot99]. In [Roscoe&Broadfoot99], we successfully applied these techniques to a series of case studies; however, our scripts were carefully crafted by hand to suit each case study, a rather time-consuming and error-prone task. We have fully automated the data independence techniques by incorporating them into Casper, thus abstracting away from the user the complexity of the techniques, making them much more accessible.

(Pages 175-190)

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