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8th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2003)

Towards Accountable Management of Privacy and Identity Information

Marco Casassa Mont, Siani Pearson, Pete  Bramhall

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Abstract : Digital identities and profiles are valuable assets: they are more and more relevant to allow people to access services and information on the Internet. They need to be secured and protected. Unfortunately people have little control over the destiny of this information once it has been disclosed to third parties. People rely on enterprises and organizations for its management. In most cases this is a matter of trust. This paper describes an approach to make organizations more accountable, provide strong but not impregnable privacy enforcement mechanisms and allow users to be more involved in the management of the privacy of their confidential information. As part of our ongoing research, we introduce a technical solution based on sticky privacy policies and tracing services that leverages Identifier-based Encryption (IBE) along with trusted platform technologies such as TCPA (TCG) and Tagged Operating Systems. Work is in progress to prototype this solution.

(Pages 146-161)

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