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First European Symposium On Research In Computer Security (ESORICS 90)

An Identity-Based Scheme Providing Zero-Knowledge Authentication and Authenticated Key Exchange

Marc Girault, Jean-Claude Pailles

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Abstract : We present a public-key scheme for key exchange, which conciliates two features, believed contradictory until now: first, as in usual identity-based schemes, public keys need not be certified by an authority; second, contrary to usual identity-based schemes, each user can choose himself his secret key and the authority is unable to infer it from his public key. Moreover, the scheme can be adapted for also providing authentication services. The security of this scheme is based on the intractability of both factorization and discrete logarithm problems. A preliminary version was presented at SECURICOM'89 conference. The new version contains a lot of improvements and new protocols.

(Pages 173-184)

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