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Second European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 92)

On Transaction Processing for Multilevel Secure Replicated Databases

I.E. Kang, T.F. Keefe

Keywords : Transaction processing, Multilevel secure, Replicated database, Global transaction manager

Abstract : Transaction scheduling in MultiLevel Secure (MLS) replicated databases has received much attention recently. However, several proposed protocols exhibit subtle flaws which can result in schedules which are not serializable. In this paper, we explain the problem and present a transaction scheduling protocol for MLS replicated databases free from this problem. We also show the protocol is one-copy serializable and demonstrate that it is secure. In addition, our protocol requires only a small trusted portion and it accepts a larger class of transactions (those that can "write-up") than previous protocols. It is interesting that the protocol can be adopted for use with heterogeneous databases because it does not require an atomic commitment protocol, and does not assume homogeneous concurrency control and recovery algorithms in local databases.

(Pages 329-347)

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