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5th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 98)

Distributed Temporary Pseudonyms: A New Approach for Protecting Location Information in Mobile Communication Networks

Dogan Kesdogan, Peter Reichl, Klaus Junghärtchen

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Abstract : One of the major security aspects in mobile communication networks concerns information about the localization of the (mobile) network user. This information may be protected by establishing a trusted third party that is responsible for creating suitable pseudonyms for the user identity. Distributing the maintenance of pseudonyms among n independent trusted parties allows to increase further the security of location information. In this paper, a method is proposed that guarantees security as long as at least one of the n parties may definitely be trusted whereas the other parties may turn out to be corrupt. The pseudonym collision probability is derived analytically before a detailed OPNET simulation evaluates the cost of the new approach compared to standard GSM.

(Pages 295-312)

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