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5th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 98)

MPEG PTY-Marks: Cheap Detection of Embedded Copyright Data in DVD-Video

J. P. M. G. Linnartz, J. C. Talstra

Keywords : watermarking, copy-protection, MPEG, DVD-video

Abstract : In this paper we propose a method to watermark digital video content in such a way that detection in consumer electronics equipement is possible with very little hardware (a few thousand gates). The method proposes to modify the MPEG encoding procedure to choose the so-called Picture Type of video-frames not from a regular sequence but according to a message one would like to transmit. Removal of this embedded message, the PTY-Mark, from the resulting MPEG-stream without jeopardizing video quality is only possible after a complete MPEG decoding and re-encoding video cycle. We investigate the modifications to current MPEG encoders which are necessary to accomodate these PTY-Marks. Based on tests we comment on their feasibility. Detection of watermarks without secrets is very reminiscent of "public-key" cryptography. We discuss this relationship by contrasting PTY-marks with pixel-watermarking.

(Pages 221-240)

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