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5th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 98)

The "Ticket" Concept for Copy Control Based on Embedded Signalling

J. P. M. G. Linnartz

Keywords : IPR protection, watermarking, embedded signaling, copy control, copy once, playback control, copy generation management system (CGMS), digital versatile disc (DVD)

Abstract : This application-oriented paper discusses the use of electronic watermarks (also called embedded signaling) for copy control. Playback Control and Copy-Once are described. The 'ticket concept' is presented to provide these functionalities. Although the ticket shows similarities with a digital signature, these are essential differences. For instance, the ticket allows typical modifications of the content, which are common practice in transmission, storage and presentation of video. The concept is part of a proposal currently under investigation for standardization of DVD/CPTWG copy control. This paper also compares the ticket concept with other solutions, such as embedding a secondary mark at the recorder and using a signature scheme.

(Pages 257-274)

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