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Second European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 92)

KryptoKnight Authentication and Key Distribution System

Refik Molva, Gene Tsudik, Els Van Herreweghen, Stefano Zatti

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Abstract : This paper describes KryptoKnight, an authentication and key distribution system that provides facilities for secure communication in any type of network environment. KryptoKnight was designed with the goal of providing network security services with a high degree of compactness and flexibility. Message compactness of KryptoKnight's protocols allows it to secure communication protocols at any layer, without requiring any major protocol augmentations in order to accommodate security-related information. Moreover, since KryptoKnight avoids the use of bulk encryption it is easily exportable. Owing to its architectural flexibility, KryptoKnight functions at both endpoints of communication can perform different security tasks depending on the particular network configuration. These and other novel features make KryptoKnight an attractive solution for providing security services to existing applications irrespective of the protocol layer, network configuration or communication paradigm.

(Pages 155-174)

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