Reference from ESORICS proceedings

Fourth European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 96)

Lightweight Micro-cash for the Internet

Wenbo Mao

Keywords : Revocable cash for double spender, Internet electronic commerce

Abstract : We propose a micro-cash technique based on a one-time signature scheme: signing a message more than once leads to disclosure of the signer's private key. In addition to usuel cash properties such as off-line bank for payment and spender's anonymity, the technique also provides a number of useful features. These include: identifying double spender with strong proof, cash revocable for identified double spender, independent of usina tamper-resistant devices, coin sub-divisible to smaller denominations, and system simplicity in terms of small-sized data for cash representation as well as simple protocole for cash withdrawal, payment and deposit. We reason that these features support a lightweight cash system suitable for handling very low value payment transactions, such as information purchases on the Internet.

(Pages 15-32)

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