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First European Symposium On Research In Computer Security (ESORICS 90)

Security Kernel Design and Implementation in the IBM PC Environment

Zoran Savic, Mihajlo Komocar

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Abstract : The increased prominence of Personal Computer systems has led to attempt to implement a Security Kernel in the IBM PC environment. A Hardware Security Module has been proposed and the way to implement it in this environment described. Its key element is the Secure Memory Area, which provides protection for the software executed in the area, and enables the creation of a privileged execution mode to restrict access to I/O devices. The combination of an add-on PC board and security software results in a sound basis for a wide range of security policies. The number of registered users, security levels and discretionary groups can all be separately defined when the security system is installed, while the installation has no noticeable affect on PC performance.

(Pages 61-68)

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