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6th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2000)

Safety Analysis of the Dynamic-Typed Access Matrix Model

Masakazu Soshi

Keywords : access control, access matrix model, safety problem, computational complexity, decidability

Abstract : The safety problem in access matrix models is the one to determine whether or not a given subject can eventually obtain an access privilege to a given object. Unfortunately, little is known about protection systems for which the safety problem is decidable, except for strongly constrained systems (e.g., monotonic systems). Therefore, we propose the Dynamic-Typed Access Matrix Model, which extends Typed Access Matrix model by allowing the type of an object to change dynamically. DTAM model has an advantage that it can describe non-monotonic protection systems for which the safety problem is decidable. In this paper, we formally define DTAM model and then discuss various aspects of it.

(Pages 106-121)

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