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5th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 98)

EUROMED-JAVA: Trusted Third Party Services for Securing Medical Java Applets

Angelos Varvitsiotis, Despina Polemi, Andy Marsh

Keywords : telemedical applications, web, trusted third party services, java, EUROMED, EUROMED-ETS

Abstract : EUROMED, a DG III project, aims to create the foundations of telemedical information society. EUROMED-ETS, an INFOSEC project, provided secure communications among EUROMED participants by establishing Trusted Third Party Services (TTPs) over the Web. Java technology plays an important role in EUROMED. In this paper, the threats that Java technology introduces to EUROMED are explored and security countermeasures are proposed, utilizing the TTP infrastructure.

(Pages 209-220)

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