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7th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2002)

Formal Security Analysis with Interacting State Machines

David von Oheimb, Volkmar Lotz

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Abstract : We introduce the ISM approach, a framework for modeling and verifying reactive systems in a formal, even machine-checked, way. The framework has been developed for applications in security analysis. It is based on the notion of Interacting State Machines (ISMs), sort of high-level Input/Output Automata. System models can be defined and presented graphically using the AutoFocus tool. They may be type-checked and translated to a representation within the theorem prover Isabelle or defined directly as Isabelle theories. The theorem prover may be used to perform any kind of syntactic and semantic checks, in particular semi-automatic verification. We demonstrate that the framework can be fruitfully applied for formal system analysis by two classical application examples: the LKW model of the Infineon SLE66 SmartCard chip and Lowe's fix of the Needham-Schroeder Public-Key Protocol.

(Pages 212-228)

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