Workshop PCO'13


PCO’13 Selected papers


PCO-001: Semi-matching algorithms for scheduling parallel tasks under resource constraints,

Anne Benoit, Johannes Langguth, Bora Uçar

PCO-002: Anticipated Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy to parallelize Constraint Programming


Tarek Menouer, Bertrand Le Cun

PCO-003: Sequential and Parallel Restart Policies for Constraint-based Local Search,

Yves Caniou, Philippe Codognet

PCO-004: On a hybrid MPI-Pthread approach for simplicial branch-and-bound,

Juan F. R. Herrera, Leocadio G. Casado, Remigijus Paulavicius, Julius Zilinskas, Eligius Hendrix

PCO-005: Recent Advances on GPU Computing in Operations Research,

Vincent Boyer, Didier El Baz

PCO-006: High Performance GPU Accelerated Local Optimization in TSP,

Kamil M. Rocki, Reiji Suda

PCO-007: An Efficient Parallelization Strategy for Dynamic Programming on GPU,

Karl-Eduard Berger, François Galea

PCO-008: High Throughput Parallel Implementation of Aho-Corasick Algorithm on a GPU,

Nhat-Phuong Tran, Myungho Lee, Sugwon Hong, Jaeyoung Choi

PCO-009: Task Scheduling Algorithms for GPU Heterogeneous Cluster Involving the Weights

of the Processor,

Keliang Zhang, Baifeng Wu

PCO-010: On the Optimality and Speed of the Deep Greedy Switching Algorithm for

Linear Assignment Problems,

Amgad Naiem, Mohammed El-Beltagy

PCO-011: Parallel Algorithms for Graph Optimization using Tree Decompositions,

Blair D. Sullivan, Dinesh Weerapurage, Chris Groër

PCO-012: Subdomain Mapping Approach to Enhance the Coupling in Earth System Modeling,

Yingsheng Ji, Guangwen Yang, Shu Wang

Didier El Baz
Toulouse France