Workshop PCO 2014


New camera ready deadline: 21 March

Please, use the new paper ID, i.e. PCOXX, when registering at the Symposium and submitting your camera ready paper in the system of the Conference Publishing Services (CPS) of the IEEE Computer Society. For more details, please see:

Selected papers

Adaptive N To P Portfolio for Solving Constraint Programming Problems on Top of the Parallel Bobpp Framework,
Tarek Menouer, Bertrand Le Cun.

Towards Energy Efficient Allocation for Applications in Volunteer Cloud,
Christophe Cerin, Yanik Ngoko, Paolo Gianessi, Congfeng Jiang, Jian Wan

The Heuristic Static Load-Balancing Algorithm Applied to the Community Earth System Model,
Yuri Alexeev, Sheri Mickelson, Sven Leyffer, Robert L Jacob, Anthony Craig.

SkewControl: Gini out of the Bottle,
Si Zheng, Yunhuai Liu,  Tian He, Li Shanshan,  Xiangke Liao.

Solving hard MIPLIB2003 problems with ParaSCIP on Supercomputers: An update
Yuji Shinano, Tobias Achterberg,  Timo Berthold,  Stefan Heinz, Thorsten Koch,  Michael Winkler.

A Task Scheduling Algorithm Based on Replication for Maximizing Reliability on Heterogeneous Computing Systems,
Kenli Li, Keqin Li, Shuli Wang.

Fast Generation Of Large Task Network Mappings,
Karl-Eduard Berger,  François Galea,  Bertrand Le Cun,  Renaud Sirdey.

A Parallel Large Neighborhood Search-based Heuristic for the Disjunctively Constrained Knapsack Problem,
Toufik Saadi,  Mhand Hifi,  Stephane Negre,  Sagvan Saleh,  Lei Wu.

Dependent Walks in Parallel Local Search,
Yves Caniou, Philippe Codognet.

A Distributed Algorithm for a Reconfigurable Modular Surface,
Didier El Baz, Benoît Piranda, Julien Bourgeois.


Didier El Baz
Toulouse France