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Proceedings :
Computer Security - ESORICS 2000
6th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security
Toulouse, France, October 2000
Frédéric Cuppens, Yves Deswarte, Dieter Gollmann, Michael Waidner (Eds.)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No 1895
325 pages, ISBN 3-540-41031-7
LNCS 1895


Ten years ago, the first European Symposium on Research in Computer Security was created in Toulouse. It had been initiated by the French AFCET Technical Committee on Information System Security, and mostly by its President, Gilles Martin, who deceased a few months before. Toulouse was a natural choice for its venue, since two of the most important French research teams in Security were and still are in Toulouse: ONERA and LAAS-CNRS. At this first symposium, one third of the presented papers were from French authors, while half of the papers came from other European countries.
The second time ESORICS was held, also in Toulouse in November 1992, the number of accepted papers that came from France had decreased by half, equalling the number of US papers, while about two thirds of the papers came from other European countries. It was then recognised that ESORICS was really a European Symposium, and an international steering committee was established to promote the venue of ESORICS in other European countries. This led to the organisation of ESORICS 94 in Brighton, UK; ESORICS 96 in Rome, Italy; and ESORICS 98 in Louvain, Belgium. During these ten years, ESORICS has established its reputation as the main event in research on computer security in Europe.
With this series of biannual events, ESORICS gathers researchers and practitioners of computer security and gives them the opportunity to present the most recent advances in security theory or more practical concerns such as social engineering or the risks related to simplistic implementations of strong security mechanisms.
For its tenth anniversary, ESORICS is coming back to Toulouse, and its success will be reinforced by the conjunction with RAID 2000, the Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection. Born as a workshop joined to ESORICS 98, RAID is now an annual event and the most important international symposium in its area. Let us hope that for the next ten years, ESORICS will again visit other European countries and give rise to other successful security spin-offs.

Yves Deswarte

Since the First European Symposium on Research in Computer Security in 1990, ESORICS has become an established international conference on the theory and practice of computer security and the main research-oriented security conference in Europe.
ESORICS 2000 received 75 submissions, all of which were reviewed by at least three programme committee members ar other experts. At a two-day meeting of the programme committee all submissions were discussed, and 19 papers were selected for presentation at the conference.
Two trends in computer security became prominent since ESORICS 1998 and thus received special room in the programme: Cybercrime and the lack of dependability of the Internet, and the renaissance of formal methods in security analysis. The former is not reflected by research papers yet, but in order to facilitate discussion we included a panel discussion on "Cybercrime and Cybercops". The latter trend convinced us to allocate two sessions to this topic, namely, on protocol verification and security property analysis.
We gratefully acknowledge all authors who submitted papers for their efforts in maintaining the standards of this conference. It is also our pleasure to thank the members of the programme committee and the additional reviewers for their work and support.

Frédéric Cuppens, Michael Waidner

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