Second ESORICS in 1992

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Proceedings :
Computer Security - ESORICS 92
Second European Symposium on Research in Computer Security
Toulouse, France, November 1992
Y. Deswarte, G. Eizenberg, J.-J. Quisquater (Eds.)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No 648
ISBN 3-540-56246-X and ISBN 0-387-56246-X


The first European Symposium on Research in Computer Security took place in October 1990 in Toulouse. The proceedings of ESORICS 90 contained 24 papers from 8 different countries and were published by AFCET. ESORICS 92, whose proceedings are the object of these lines, is the second symposium in what we hope will be a regular European event with a growing international character.

ESORICS could not happen without the cooperation and support of many organizations, and this collaboration will be a major factor in its future success. The early and continuous support of DGA/DRET deserves a special acknowledgement.

The specificity of ESORICS is progressively affirmed, thanks to the high standard of both the programme committee and the papers that were submitted. Authors of all proposed papers therefore deserve the main acknowledgement, since this high quality is the key for the successful continuation of a top-grade international symposium.

Gérard Eizenberg (Symposium Chair), Jean-Jacques Quisquater (Programme Committee Chair), Yves Deswarte (Organization Committee Chair)

Contents of the Proceedings