First ESORICS in 1990

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Proceedings :
European symposium on research in computer security
October 24-26, 1990, Toulouse, France
published by AFCET :
156 Boulevard Péreire
75017 PARIS
tel.: +33 1 47 66 24 19
fax : +33 1 42 67 93 12

Message from the chair

The pleasure to welcoming you at this European symposium on research in computer security is altered by the absence of the man who initiated it. Deceased on february, 7th 1990, he will not see the achievement of one of his many activities dedicated to the security of information systems. The particular devotion of all those who wanted a successful symposium witnesses a unanimous tribute to Gilles Martin.

New in Europe, ESORICS-90 has been preceded by several similar symposia in the United States of America. By the acquirements of the meetings they organized, by accepting to review many of the proposed papers, by co-operating to build the programme and by their scientific contributions, our American colleagues brought a significant help. But ESORICS-90 remains a mainly European realization owing to those who contributed to set the topics, to build a specific programme and to organize it. They are the skeleton of the programme commitee. Among them, the members of the AFCET Computer Security group were the pioneers.

Toulouse is a natural location for ESORICS-90 because it is a research pole in Computer Security, with the ONERA/CERT who brought wide contribution to the symposium existence and with the CNRS/LAAS where our colleagues and friends brought an active and efficient cooperation.

I appreciated the many cooperations to ESORICS-90, quoted in these proceedings. Among them, I will emphasize the help of the early DRET support.

Most of the proposed topics in the call for papers received an echo resulting in many proposals that allowed us to build a well balanced programme. Some topics returned none or rare papers. Among them are: security and information theory, security of message handling, process control, real time and office systems, security measurement and formal development applications. But ESORICS-90 will hopefully be the first of a series of similar events which will give opportunities to fill up these holes. Nevertheless, the technical contents of these three days will be of a high density.

The main acknowledgement is deserved by the authors, be their proposals accepted or not. Anyone knows the hardness of the work it requires. They are the key of the symposium success and give us the honor to propagate their research results to the scientific community.

Gérard Eizenberg

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