Conference Program

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Wednesday 25 September 2013

8:45-9:00  WELCOME NOTE
9:00-10:00  INVITED TALK 1: Logic and Epistemology in Safety Cases. John Rushby, SRI, USA
  SESSION 1 : Safety requirements and assurance (Session chair : Tim Kelly)
10:00-10:30   Comparative conformance cases for monitoring multiple implementations of critical requirements. Janusz Gorski, Aleksander Jarzebowicz and Jakub Miler
10:30-11:00   A Formal Basis for Safety Case Patterns. Ewen Denney and Ganesh Pai
11:00-11:30  Coffee break
  SESSION 2 : Testing and verification (Session chair : Francesca Saglietti)
11:30-12:00   Testing Autonomous Robot Control Software using Procedural Content Generation. James Arnold and Rob Alexander
12:00-12:30   Fine-grained implementation of fault tolerance mechanisms with AOP: to what extent? Jimmy Lauret, Jean-Charles Fabre and Hélène Waeselynck
12:30-13:00   Formalisation of an Industrial Approach to Monitoring Critical Data. Yuliya Prokhorova, Elena Troubitsyna, Linas Laibinis, Dubravka Ilic and Timo Latvala
13:00-14:00  LUNCH BREAK
  SESSION 3 : Security (Session chair : Robert Stroud)
14:00-14:30   Protecting Vehicles Against Unauthorised Diagnostics Sessions Using Trusted Third Parties. Pierre Kleberger and Tomas Olovsson
14:30-15:00   Vulnerability Analysis on Smart Cards using Fault Tree. Guillaume Bouffard, Bhagyalekshmy N Thampi and Jean-Louis Lanet
15:00-15:30   Does Malware Detection Improve With Diverse AntiVirus Products? An Empirical Study. Ilir Gashi, Vladimir Stankovic, Michel Cukier and Bertrand Sobesto
15:30-16:00 EWICS presentation
16:00-16:15 SESSION 4 : Fast Abstracts 60' (Session chair : Marc-Olivier Killijian)
16:15-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17:30 Fast Abstract Posters

Thursday 26 September 2013

9:00-10:00  INVITED TALK 2 :Embedded Systems Dependability (fly-by-wire). Pascal Traverse, Airbus, FR
  SESSION 5 : Software reliability assessment (Session chair : Jean-Paul Blanquart)
10:00-10:30   Software fault-freeness and reliability predictions. Lorenzo Strigini and Andrey Povyakalo.
10:30-11:00   Does Software have to be Ultra Reliable in Safety Critical Systems? Peter Bishop.
11:00-11:30  Coffee break
  SESSION 6 : Practical experience reports and tools I (Session chair : Frank Ortmeier)
11:30-12:00   The SafeCap Platform for Modelling Railway Safety and Capacity. Alexei Iliasov, Ilya Lopatkin and Alexander Romanovsky.
12:00-12:30   Embedded System Platform for Safety-critical Road Traffic Signal Applications. Thomas Novak and Christoph Stoegerer
12:30-13:00   Low-level Attacks on Avionics Embedded Systems. Anthony Dessiatnikoff, Vincent Nicomette, Eric Alata and Yves Deswarte
13:00-14:00 LUNCH BREAK
  SESSION 7 : Safety assurance in automotive (Session chair : Mario Trapp)
14:00-14:30   Safety Cases and their role in ISO 26262 Functional Safety Assessment. Ibrahim Habli, John Birch, Helen Monkhouse, Roger Rivett, Dave Higham, John Botham, Rob Palin, Ben Bradshaw and Peter Jesty
14:30-15:00   Structuring Safety Requirements in ISO 26262 using Contract Theory. Jonas Westman, Mattias Nyberg and Martin Törngren
  SESSION 8 : Error control codes (Session chair : Phil Koopman)
15:00-15:30   Flexible Unequal Error Control Codes with SelectableError Detection and Correction Levels. Luis-J. Saiz-Adalid, Pedro-J. Gil-Vicente, Juan-Carlos Ruiz-García, Daniel Gil-Tomás, J.-Carlos Baraza and Joaquin Gracia-Morán.
15:30-16:00   Safety Transformations: Sound and Complete? Ute Schiffel
16:30-18:30  AIRBUS A380 Visit
20:00  BANQUET  

Friday 27 September 2013

9:00-10:00  INVITED TALK 3 : It is (almost) all about human safety: a novel paradigm for robot design, control, and planning. Sami Haddadin, DLR, DE
  SESSION 9 : Dependable user interfaces (Session chair : Floor Koornneef)
10:00-10:30   Understanding functional resonance through a
federation of models: preliminary findings of an avionics case study
. Célia Martinie, Philippe Palanque, Alberto Pasquini, Martina Ragosta, Mark Alexander Sujan and David Navarre.
10:30-11:00   Model-based development of the Generic PCA infusion
pump user interface within PVS.
Paolo Masci, Anaheed Ayoub, Paul Curzon, Insup Lee, Oleg Sokolsky and Harold Thimbleby.
11:00-11:30  Coffee break
  SESSION 10 : Practical experience reports and tools II (Session chair : Amund Skavhaug)
11:30-12:00   Characterization of Failure Effects on AADL Models. Bernhard Ern, Viet Yen Nguyen and Thomas Noll
12:00-12:30   Derived Hazard Analysis Method for Critical
Thomas Gruber, Georg Neubauer, Andreas Weinfurter, Petr Böhm and Kurt Lamedschwandner
12:30-13:00   A Study of the Impact of Single Bit-Flip and Double
Bit-Flip Errors on Program Execution
. Fatemeh Ayatolahi, Behrooz Sangchoolie, Roger Johansson and Johan Karlsson
13:00-14:00  LUNCH BREAK
  SESSION 11 : Hazard and failure mode analysis (Session chair: Andrea Bondavalli)
14:00-14:30   OpenMADS: An Open Source Tool for Modeling and Analysis of Distributed Systems. Ermeson Andrade, Marcelo Alves, Rubens Matos, Bruno Silva and Paulo Maciel
14:30-15:00   A Controlled Experiment on Component Fault Trees. Jessica Jung, Andreas Jedlitschka, Kai Hoefig, Dominik Domis and Martin Hiller.
15:00-15:30   DFTCalc: A Tool for Efficient Fault Tree Analysis. Florian Arnold, Freark Van der Berg, Dennis Guck, Marielle Stoelinga and Axel Belinfante
15:30-16:00  Closing session /  SAFECOMP 2014


Fast abstracts Posters

1 -     Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm for Energy-Aware Embedded Systems, C. Arar, H. Kalla, S. Kalla and B. S. Sabrina,
2 -     Common Cause Failure Analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks, I. Silva and L. A. Guedes, P. Portugal and F. Vasques
3 -     An Approach for Security Evaluation and Analysis in Cloud Computing, T. Probst, E. Alata, M. Kaâniche, V. Nicomette, Y. Deswarte
4 -     Specifying Safety Monitors for Autonomous Systems, M. Machin, J.-P. Blanquart, J. Guiochet, D. Powell and H. Waeselynck
5 -     Multimedia Systems as Immune System to Improve Automotive Security?, J. Dittmann, T. Hoppe, C. Vielhauer
6 -     Assure-It: A Runtime Synchronization Tool of Assurance Cases, S. Shida, A. Uchida, M. Ishii, M. Ide, and K. Kuramitsu
7 -     Integrating agile practices into critical software development, K. Ɓukasiewicz, J. Górski 
8 -     Outsourced Linear Algebra, A. Kumar
9 -     Security-informed Safety, R. Bloomfield and R. Stroud
10 -   Adequacy of Contract Grammars for Component Certification, A. Ruiz, H. Espinoza, T. Kelly
11 -   Communication Integrity for Slow-dynamic Critical Embedded Systems, A. Zammali, A. de Bonneval, Y. Crouzet
12 -   Robust by "Let it Crash",   C. Woskowski, M. Trzeciecki, F. Schwedes
14 -   Impact of Feature Interaction on the Safety Analysis for Unmanned Avionics Product Lines,  A. L. de Oliveira, R. T. V. Braga, P. C. Masiero, I. Habli, T. Kelly
15 -    A Study on the Reliability Improvement Factor of Fault Tolerant Mechanisms,  J. Na, D. Lee