5th ESORICS in 1998



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Proceedings :
Computer Security - ESORICS 98
5th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security
Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, September 1998
Jean-Jacques Quisquater, Yves Deswarte, Catherine Meadows, Dieter Gollmann (Eds.)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No 1485
375 pages, ISBN 3-540-65004-0
LNCS 1485

Programme Chair's Preface

Since 1990, ESORICS has established its reputation as the main event in research on computer security in Europe. Every two years, ESORICS gathers researchers and practitioners of computer security and gives researchers the opportunity to present the most recent advances in security theory as well as the risks related to simplistic implementations of security mechanims.

Despite the possible concurrence with other international events, ESORICS 98 received 57 submissions, coming from 19 countries and 4 continents. All these papers were reviewed by at least three program committee members or other experts at their institutions. Most of the submitted papers were considered as very good, and the program committee quickly agreed on 23 papers that could be organised in consistent sessions. Unfortunately, some high quality papers had to be rejected either because they did not correspond to ESORICS scope or because they did not fit with other papers to constitute a homogeneous session.

As in previous ESORICS, some ESORICS 98 sessions are dedicated to fundamental issues such as the design and specification of security policies, access control modelling and protocol analysis. But these sessions mix both theoretical papers and very practical concerns. Since mobility is a topic of increasing importance, its two main aspects will be discussed in two sessions: one on mobile systems and anonymity, the other on Java and mobile code. A session and a panel are devoted to watermarking, an important technique for the protection of intellectual rights. Finally, two sessions are dedicated to practical issues, one on intrusion detection and prevention, the other dealing with specific threats. In this session, two papers on cryptography have been included for the first time in ESORICS. While previously, we had considered that cryptography papers should be submitted to conferences dedicated to cryptography, these two papers have been accepted because security people can learn from them the risks that can be raised by naive implementation of good cryptographic algorithms.

In summary, we hope that this mix between practical and theoretical issues will satisfy the practitioner's curiosity and encourage researchers to pursue their work for the progress of a secure information society.

Yves Deswarte (Programme Chair), Catherine Meadows (Programme Vice-Chair)

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